Push and Progress

We’re excited to be traveling to Vancouver to attend the PuSh Festival where we’ll be pitching Lost Together.

Lost Together will also be apart of this year’s Progress Festival in Toronto.

Winner of the SummerWorks Performance Festival Production Award.

Lost Together invites you to share a story about something you’ve lost. Throughout the conversation, Shira and Michaela will work together to re-imagine and recreate that lost thing for you. What will happen when we collaborate to make something new out of loss? The objects we create will become part of an ever-evolving exhibition, reminding us that loss doesn’t have to be a solitary reckoning.

Created by Shira Leuchter.

Performed by Shira Leuchter and Michaela Washburn.

We made a short document of our recent workshop of Lost and Found.

We made a short document of All The Things I've Lost which was performed and exhibited at the Gardiner Museum as part of their Make It Real Project.