In 1998, Ren and his daughter Sara (then 11-years old) were featured on This American Life in a story called “Age of Enchantment” (the interview is also featured in Ren’s book Vermeer in Bosnia). Together they recounted a strange situation they found themselves in a few years earlier, how Ren stepped into a fantasy world that Sara had created and inadvertently threatened it. It’s a striking story of how adults often underestimate the very real world that children live in, how we don’t always listen to how they are feeling, and how very good children can be at solving problems if we let them.

Lost and Found has been supported by the Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and by the Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators’ Reserve program.

Written by Shira Leuchter

Directed by Chris Hanratty and Shira Leuchter

Set and Projections by Anahita Dehbonehie

Performed by Eponine Lee, Elsa Drew and Richard Lee

Filmography by Jeremy Mimnagh