UnSpun Theatre is interested in stuff, in artifacts. In how they shape our stories and how we give them power. Our objects are, in large part, a language that connects us to ancient civilizations too. We've explored some of these questions in some of our previous work, and now we’d like to look at some of these questions in a new way. Our work, we think, is part of a series of larger questions and we continue to build on that previous work to get to the next place.

Restoration follows an Art Conservator as she’s tasked with restoring a prized art piece – a painting by the mysterious and infamous artist DuBeau, perhaps you’ve heard of him? DuBeau is a polarizing figure, often hated as much as he is loved - he’s been called a genius, a racist, a revolutionary and, most often, a misogynist. As the Restorer works on the piece she makes a starling discovery that questions the ownership of the work and she is faced with a choice that offers an alternative definition of restoration. 


Restoration has been supported by the Artscape Sandbox's Creation Initiative and the Toronto Arts Council.